Association for Borderlands Studies World Conference

10th to 14th July, 2018


Welcome to the homepage of the Association for Borderlands Studies World Conference 2018, the world's largest convention on borders and border-related issues. The second edition of this quadrennial event is organized by the University of Vienna and partners and is hosted in Vienna and Budapest from July 10th to 14th, 2018. The organizing theme is Border-Making and its Consequences: Interpreting Evidence from the "post-Colonial" and "post-Imperial" 20th Century. We expect more than 400 participants from around the world, including renowned scholars as well as students, spanning all fields of the humanities and social sciences. Please take your time to discover the many intriguing aspects of this conference, from the multitude of panels and the keynote speeches to the special programs within the frame of the convention.


We are looking forward to your application and to welcoming you to Vienna and Budapest in 2018!



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Next to the sessions proposed by individual participants, the conference will host clusters of sessions on the following topics:

In turning the 2018 ABS World Conference into a platform for an experiment, the Top Citizen Science project 'Talking Borders' brings us to the applied capacity of border research: 'Border research takes on an applied dimension, as we seek to discover, and promote, those mechanisms which enable borders to be opened, reducing the frictions and tensions of socially constructed difference. This is the desire to 'overcome' borders as places where people can meet, to overcome the social construction of spatial fixation.' (David Newman (2003) On borders and power: A theoretical framework, Journal
of Borderlands Studies, 18:1, 13-25)

Profile Photo: Peter Rigaud

Conference Chair: Machteld Venken, PhD




25.09.2017 | Call for Paper Panel – The transformation and repositioning of border cities facing the challenge of economic integration and securitization
22.09.2017 | Call for Paper Panel – Plebiscites and Border Drawing in Schleswig
22.09.2017 | Call for Paper Panel – Rethinking Borders and Territory in the Middle East
22.09.2017 | Call for Paper Panel – Building Capacity for Transborder Regional Development: Lessons Learned and Next Steps
22.09.2017 | Call for Paper Panel – Borders, Walls and Violence: Costs and Alternatives to Border Fencing
22.09.2017 | Call for Paper Panel – Trump, fear and migrations in North America
21.09.2017 | Call for Paper Panel – Transborder Innovation Ecosystems: Regional Drivers, Models and Governance
21.09.2017 | Call for Paper Panel – Fluid yet solid: River borders, infrastructure, and state making
21.09.2017 | Call for Paper Panel –Eastern Dimension of EU Actorness
14.09.2017 | Call for Papers - Border methodologies
11.09.2017 | Financial support for graduate students
28.08.2017 | Call for Papers - The Habsburg Legacy of Multilingualism: Perspectives from Borderlands and Border Communities in South-Eastern Europe
21.08.2017 | Call for Papers - Precarious Borders
16.08.2017 | Call for Papers - The unmaking and making of imperial centers and peripheries: Hungary's new borders and Central Europe's reconfiguration
09.08.2017 | Call for Papers - Historical and Virtual Borders: Perspectives from Poland
31.07.2017 | Call for Papers - Borders and Boundaries in Asia
31.07.2017 | Those Left Behind:  Statelessness and the Consolidation of National Territoriality
19.07.2017 | Call for Papers - Moving Mountains: The Carpathians after 1918
16.06.2017 | Call for Papers - Multilingualism in interwar Poland
16.06.2017 | Call for Paper Panel – Border Textures: Interwoven Practices and Discursive Fabrics of Borders
16.06.2017 | Call for Paper Panel – Citizenship, statelessness and minorities
16.06.2017 | Call for Paper Panel – Cross-border workers and cross-border labour markets
16.06.2017 | Call for Paper Panel – The transformation/development of businesses in towns in border areas
16.06.2017 | Call for Paper Panel – "Learning Border Regions" – Border Regions as Regional Learning Processes
16.06.2017 | Call for Paper Panel – Migration and Flight in Western and Southern Europe
16.06.2017 | Call for Paper Panel – What is Border Studies?