Keynote Speeches

The 2018 ABS World Conference ‘Border-Making and its Consequences – interpreting evidence from the "post-colonial" and "post-imperial" 20th Century’ offers the opportunity to five scholars to hold their first keynote speech. The conference supports the applied capacity of border research: 'Border research takes on an applied dimension, as we seek to discover, and promote, those mechanisms which enable borders to be opened, reducing the frictions and tensions of socially constructed difference. This is the desire to 'overcome' borders as places where people can meet, to overcome the social construction of spatial fixation.' (David Newman (2003) On borders and power: A theoretical framework, Journal of Borderlands Studies, 18:1, 20). In addition, the conference continues the initiative of one of its partners, the Central European University, to invite women to talk (Virginia Valian (2013) Invite women to talk, Nature, 495:2013, 36; Anonymous (2013). CEU Professor’s Online Petition Prompts Academic Conference Gender Equity Policy).