Border-Making and its Consequences: Habsburg Track

A 100 years prior to the 2nd ABS World Conference, the Habsburg monarchy ceased to exist, succumbing to the continuing strains of the First World War and the growing self-confidence of its numerous peoples. With the support of various embassies in Vienna, we aim to commemorate this occasion by organizing a series of panels that will deal with borders and border-drawing processes in the Central European area, focussing on the consequences of the monarchy's dissolution for the region. In the framework of this program, entitled the "Habsburg track", scholars working on a state or region once (wholly or partly) part of the monarchy (12 in total) will receive the opportunity to create a panel on the developments concerning the respective region. The possible topics are numerous, including the process of dissolution itself, the creation of new borders in the aftermath of World War I, the (re-)definition of borders between the successor states in the inter-war period as well as during the Second World War, the erection and fall of the Iron Curtain, or contemporary issues. The approach is interdisciplinary, and we especially encourage anthropologists, sociologists, political scientists and others to contribute.

The final list of panels and contributions is available here.