Talking Borders. From Local Expertise to Global Exchange

The unique Top Citizen Science experiment uses the platform of the Association for Borderlands Studies World Conference in order to lift the borders of expertise, age and method in science. The experiment turns an academic conference into a site of scientific investigation itself, where 100 non-trained experts (first year students in the humanities from border regions throughout the ex-Habsburg area) meet 100 trained experts (border scholars working on topics not related to the ex-Habsburg area) as equals for a cross-disciplinary (border/citizen science) experiment.

The TCS project asks: (1) what do borders mean to border scholars? (2) What do borders mean to young adults from the (ex-) Habsburg area? And: (3) what new knowledge does a global encounter between non-trained and trained border experts reveal? The experiment will gather 100 face to face dialogues about the meaning of borders. The project will also host a global digital café for 100 working days on a Facebook page, where parts of the 100 dialogues are posted and commented on through chatting. The facebook page will report how scientific knowledge on the global meaning(s) of borders is generated in a cumulative collective learning experience.