Keynote Speeches

The 2018 ABS World Conference ‘Border-Making and its Consequences – interpreting evidence from the "post-colonial" and "post-imperial" 20th Century’ offers the opportunity to five scholars to hold their first keynote speech along the applied dimension of border research. As Henk van Houtum wrote: ‘(…) a border is and can never be an answer. It is a question. The imperative geo-philosophical border question of our time is how and why we create a just border for ourselves and thereby for others’ (2001, 60). In addition, the conference continues the initiative of one of its partners, the Central European University, to invite women to talk (Virginia Valian (2013) Invite women to talk, Nature, 495:2013, 36; Anonymous (2013). CEU Professor’s Online Petition Prompts Academic Conference Gender Equity Policy).